AASHTO #8 Stone

AASHTO #8 is a large grade of crushed stone. Like AASHTO #1, #3, and #57, it is a clean material that will not compact. However, the top size of AASHTO #8 aggregate is significantly smaller, making it ideal for different applications within the construction industry. Learn more about #8 stone aggregate and how you can use it for your projects.

What Is #8 Crushed Stone?

Crushed stone is a construction aggregate with a very similar appearance to gravel. However, gravel is naturally rounded and eroded over time, whereas crushed stone is mined and then crushed into specific sizes for practical applications. Grades of crushed stone are categorized by the size of the new stones after the mined material has been crushed.

Crushed stone is a sustainable resource that can be made from many varieties of hard rock. The most common types of rock used are quartzite, granite and limestone. York Building Products uses Pennsylvania's natural abundance of limestone to produce AASHTO #8 and other grades of crushed stone. At our Principio Quarry in Port Deposit, MD we produce our AASHTO #8 from the local source of granite.

Professionals use different types of crushed stone in various construction projects, from pavement base material to utility pipe bedding and even decorative lining for walkways.

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Stone Classes and Sizes

Crushed stone is a versatile product with various applications. Understanding the various classes can help you understand the best applications for #8 aggregate.

Crushed stone products come in several sizes, making them excellent for many projects. Crushed #8 stone is small enough to be a decorative material or topdressing or to create concrete and asphalt mixes. However, whether you need ASTM #8 or another stone variety depends on your project.

Each stone class describes stones of a different size. These variations make determining which stone will meet your project needs easier. The smaller the class number, the larger the stone.

Check out this guide to stone class sizes:

  • Class 1: This class is for the largest stone sizes and consists of stones with a topsize between 2 and 4 inches. The bulky size of these stones makes them excellent for road bases and construction entrances.
  • Class 3: This is the next largest stone class. These stones are perfect for drainage, railroad and water retention projects.
  • Class 5: These materials are excellent for paver or road bases. These stones are smaller, typically less than 1 inch in size.
  • Class 8: ASTM #8 stone is common for concrete and asphalt mixes. Also called 1B or half-inch stone, this aggregate is commonly used in concrete and asphalt mixes, as a base for poured walls and for pipe trench backfill. With sizes between 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch, this material is also good for road resurfacing, driveway topdressing and utility pipe bedding.
  • Class 10: Stones in class 10 are called screenings or dust. The fine particles are suitable for creating concrete blocks and pavers.
  • Class 57: This category refers to specialty materials. You can use specialty crushed stone like Class 57 for applications such as drainage, concrete mixes and landscaping.
  • Class 67: This material is typically used for the production of ready mix concrete.

Uses for AASHTO #8 Aggregate

AASHTO #8 is a clean material and will not compact. Its size makes it great for the production of concrete and asphalt products. It's excellent as a raw material in producing blacktop. It can also be used for creating a bedding for pipe trenches.

Here are some common commercial applications for the material of this grade:

  • Asphalt mixes.
  • Concrete mixes.
  • Oil and chip road surfacing.
  • Bedding for fuel and water tanks.
  • Driveway topdressing.
  • Utility pipe bedding.

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Find the Right Crushed Stone for Any Project

York Building Products has been Central Pennsylvania's reliable provider of crushed stone for over eight decades, so we know how vital it is that a construction or landscaping company has consistent access to a supply of high-quality concrete, stone and blacktop. We are proud to be a trusted provider of these materials to businesses across the entire Central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland region.

Safety is always a priority at York Building Products, and our advanced processes allow us to offer specialized services that are hard to find anywhere else in the area. We provide AASHTO #8 aggregate as part of a wide range of sizes of crushed stone to fit the needs of any commercial or residential construction project. We deliver throughout Pennsylvania, including Adams County, Cumberland County, Dauphin County, Lancaster County, Perry County and York County. We also have plants in Maryland with a variety of stone sizes for your project needs.


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