AASHTO #467 Crushed Stone

If you are looking for a quality mix of aggregate for construction or landscaping projects, then AASHTO #467 is worth your consideration. The blend is a mix that proves a stable base for your projects. At York Building Products, we have several quarries across Pennsylvania, including Carlisle, Thomasville, York and New Freedom, and one stone quarry in Port Deposit, Maryland. You can count on us to provide quality AASHTO #467 for even the most demanding construction projects.


What Is #467 Crushed Stone?

AASHTO #467 aggregate is often used as a base layer due to its ideal size and composition. For construction, you’ll often find it used as a base for roads and highways. Then again, it is used as a sub-base for concrete slabs and foundations, but it is also very popular as a drainage application, including backfilling for retaining walls.

Landscape designers also use it as decorative gravel for paths and patios, but it is larger than other types of gravel, so it’s not the usual choice. Common materials found in the aggregate include limestone, granite and gravel.


AASHTO #467 Stone Size

#467 stone sizes are all roughly 1.5 inches in diameter. Crushed stone comes in a wide range of sizes, which can be used for all applications. The sizes are categorized by the diameter, ranging from very fine to large rocks. The #467 stones are roughly two to four inches but can be larger. Smaller sizes are usually reserved for where a precise application is needed, and a smoother finish is required. However, the larger stones are good for structural support and drainage.


AASHTO #467 Uses

#467 AASHTO is the perfect dimension for a range of applications in construction, landscaping, industrial and miscellaneous uses. You will find it being used in the following applications:

  • Sediment check dams
  • Drainage stone
  • Asphalt aggregate
  • Concrete aggregate
  • Railroad ballast
  • Construction entrance roads
  • Seal coat chips for roadways
  • Ram aggregate piers
  • Stone driveways
  • Stone roads
  • Road base (highways and residential)
  • Runoff water containment cells
  • MSE wall backfill


Order Your AASHTO #467 Aggregate From York Building Products Today

We have been family-owned since 1939, enabling us to provide better localized customer service. We have also had the time to focus on producing materials and refining them to the highest quality. Today, we are proud of our over 80 years of innovation, allowing us to establish a wide selection of premium products.

We have built our enterprise across the Mid-Atlantic and created networks east of the Mississippi, making us one of the largest crushed stone producers in the region. The way our business is structured empowers us to control our product quality from the raw material to the end of the product line.

Our product range includes crushed stone products, as well as sand, gravel and a mix of masonry and cement projects. We also have a hardscape section for pavers and retaining wall options you might need. Get in touch with our skilled team about the project you are busy with, and they will assist you with your #467 AASHTO order.