Bim objects / Revit

Our block unit colors, finishes, shapes and sizes are available for easy import into Revit, making specification much easier.

Using render materials for York Building Products

1. Create a folder for York Building Products Materials
2. Un-zip material file to this location
3. Open Revit Template file for York Building Products
4. Open Materials
5. Select Rendering
6. Map in one image from the new folder location (image names will match)
- The jpg image under Image File should have a swatch in it.
7. Revit should grab the other images from this file location
- Verify the material you are using is mapped (swatch is visible)
- Depending on your version of Revit you may have to manually map certain materials

Masonry iQ

Masonry iQ is a Revit plug-in module that enables the design of the wall elevation, choosing from manufacturers' palettes of colors, textures, and sizes. York Building Products masonry colors and textures are fully-loaded into this plug-in, ready for quick and easy specification.

Products can be placed course-by-course or in fields to create banding, regions, and mixed color/texture fields. All right inside Revit!

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