Residential Masonry Projects

Masonry products provide a quieter interior space homes.

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Maxwell Apartments | Arlington, VA

A unique use of our popular split face masonry units in Gingerbread and Khaki gives an interesting striated effect to Maxwell Apartments in Arlington, VA.

private residence | Myrtle Beach, SC

This home features our Vintage Series™ brick in a custom color. It was used to wrap the base of the home, as well as for the support columns across the front.

private Residence | Goldsboro, NC

This stunning residence utilized our Vintage Series™ brick in Arctic White. Of particular note is the quoin corner detail.

Englewood Apartments | Englewood, NJ

The base of this apartment complex features our Gemstone® CMU in Graphite.

GrandMarc Luxury Apts. | Charlottesville, VA

These luxury apartments in downtown Charlottesville feature our split face CMU in Adobe, and Gemstone® units in a custom color.

Third & Valley Apts. | South Orange, NJ

This large, multi-story apartment building features Temple Stone® in Charcoal. The courtyard sunlight reflects nicely off of the specially textured Temple Stone units.

private residence | Morristown, NJ

This stately mansion features Vintage Series™ split face brick in Arctic White, and has an added quoin corner detail to add to the visual impact of the structure.

Private Residence | Wilson, NC

This large home features Vintage Series™ split face brick in Arctic White, and has quoin corner and watertable details, providing a strong, monolithic appearance.