Installation Accessories

Supplying everything you need to install our products and keep your project moving.

Putting the finishing touch on your beautiful new patio is easy with York Building Products. We provide our dealers with all the essentials to properly install a quality project. It’s part of our commitment to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their new York Building Products project.

For Pavers

Polymeric Sand

DescriptionSize QuantityUOM
SuperSand Bond HP (Beige)50 lbs56Bag
SuperSand Bond HP (Grey)50 lbs56Bag
GatorMaxx Bond (Beige)50 lbs56Bag
GatorMaxx Bond (Grey)50 lbs56Bag

SEK Edging and Spikes

DescriptionSize QuantityUOM
Landscape Spike10″150Box
Snap Edge Paver Edge Restraint8′24Each
Snap Edge Paver Edge Restraint8′672Pallet
Low Profile Paver Edge Restraint6′-8'24Each

Techniseal® Sealers For Pavers & Tiles

DescriptionSize QuantityUOM
ProSeries Natural Look Paver Protector (iN)1 gal.Box (4)Each
ProSeries Natural Look Paver Protector (iN)5 gal.PailEach

Techniseal® Cleaners For Pavers & Tiles

DescriptionSize QuantityUOM
Paver Primer & Efflorescence Cleaner1 gal.Box (4)Each
Paver Primer & Efflorescence Cleaner5 gal.PailEach
Slurry Remover1 gal.Box (4)Each

Integral® Paver / Wall Lights

Various models/sizes in stock. Contact us for more info.

For structural retaining walls

Uniaxial Geogrids

Miragrid 3XT12'W X 150'L roll (200 SY)
Miragrid 5XT12'W X 150'L roll (200 SY)
Miragrid 7XT12'W X 200'L roll (267 SY)
Miragrid 8XT12'W X 200'L roll (267 SY)
Miragrid 10XT12'W X 200'L roll (267 SY)
StrataGrid SGU 606.25'W X 288'L roll (200 SY)
StrataGrid SGU 806.25'W X 288'L roll (200 SY)
Tensar UX11004.36'W X 250'L (121.1 SY)
Tensar UX14004.36'W X 250'L (121.1 SY)
Tensar UX15004.36'W X 200'L (96.9 SY)
Tensar UX16004.36'W X 200'L (96.9 SY)
Tensar UX17004.36'W X 200'L (96.9 SY)

Biaxial Geogrid

Description Size
Strata Dealer Grid (SG150) 4'W X 50'L roll (22.2 SY)

Non-Woven 4 oz. Filter Fabric

Mirafi M140N6.25'W X 360'L roll (250 SY)
Mirafi M140N12.5'W X 360'L roll (500 SY)

Drainage Composite Blanket

StrataDrain 302 (2 sided)4'W X 75'L roll (300 SF)

Fence/Railing Integration System

Sleeve-It by Strata 

Block & Paver Adhesive

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