Office Masonry Projects

Masonry is great for reducing sound transmission. Perfect for office environments.

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Mercedes Sprinter Facility | Kansas City, MO

This facility features Rustic Face in Shadow, and Gemstone® in Oyster.

Westinghouse | Pittsburgh, PA

The base of this high rise features Gemstone® in Graphite, giving the building a strong appearance.


This office building features split face CMU in Cream and Cocoa.

300 Granite Run | Lancaster, PA

An interesting mix of finishes were incorporated into this office building stairwell. Rustic Face in Putty, and Gemstone® in a custom cream color.

George & Lynch | Dover, DE

This project feature Gemstone® units in Saddle and split face units in Adobe on both the interior and exterior.

Highway Equipment | Brownstown, PA

A large field of Arctic White split face is offset by inlaid courses of smooth face units painted blue.

Pencader Corporate Center | Newark, DE

This massive office warehouse features split face units in Arctic White and Mist.

Precision Pipe | Virginia Beach, VA

Split face units in Adobe and Hershey Red were featured on the lower half of this building, with Gemstone® in Adobe on the top half.

Providence Business Park | Phoenixville, PA

Another large office park project, featuring split face in Charcoal, Slate and Hershey Red.

Reinsel Kuntz Lesher | Lancaster, PA

An office building trimmed in Arctic White. With the evening sun, the building changes to more of a cream color.

ABC Keystone Headquarters | Mt. Joy, PA

A great use of Temple Stone® in Charcoal.