Office Masonry Projects

Masonry is great for reducing sound transmission. Perfect for office environments.

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UGI Reading Training Center | Reading, PA

UGI constructed its new Training Center complex on a 40-acre site in Bern Township, PA, directly across from the Reading, PA, airport.

The Training Center is anchored by a 47,500 SF Training Building, which includes seven classrooms and two lecture rooms. Four labs within the building accommodate specific UGI departments, including Construction and Maintenance, Safety, Service, and Meter and Regulation training programs.

Gemstone® units in Mink were used in the construction, and the main entry portion of the building featured half-high units laid in a contemporary stack-bond fashion.

Mercedes Sprinter Facility | Kansas City, MO

This facility features Rustic Face in Shadow, and Gemstone® in Oyster.

Westinghouse | Pittsburgh, PA

The base of this high rise features Gemstone® in Graphite, giving the building a strong appearance.


This office building features split face CMU in Cream and Cocoa.

300 Granite Run | Lancaster, PA

An interesting mix of finishes were incorporated into this office building stairwell. Rustic Face in Putty, and Gemstone® in a custom cream color.

George & Lynch | Dover, DE

This project feature Gemstone® units in Saddle and split face units in Adobe on both the interior and exterior.

Highway Equipment | Brownstown, PA

A large field of Arctic White split face is offset by inlaid courses of smooth face units painted blue.

Pencader Corporate Center | Newark, DE

This massive office warehouse features split face units in Arctic White and Mist.

Precision Pipe | Virginia Beach, VA

Split face units in Adobe and Hershey Red were featured on the lower half of this building, with Gemstone® in Adobe on the top half.

Providence Business Park | Phoenixville, PA

Another large office park project, featuring split face in Charcoal, Slate, and Hershey Red.

Reinsel Kuntz Lesher | Lancaster, PA

An office building trimmed in Arctic White. With the evening sun, the building changes to more of a cream color.

ABC Keystone Headquarters | Mt. Joy, PA

A great use of Temple Stone® in Charcoal.