AASHTO #57 Stone

Crushed stone has many applications, and choosing the right size is essential for project completion. AASHTO #57 stone is a crushed stone grade that is gravel-like and made from a blend of stones #5, #6 and #7. It comes from natural limestone, so the pieces are jagged and angular. Learn more about AASHTO #57 and how you can use it in your projects.


What Is #57 Crushed Stone?

AASHTO #57 crushed stone consists of many common kinds of rock, including quartzite, granite, and limestone. At York Building Products, we exclusively mine limestone for our crushed #57 stone size as well as our other aggregate options.

This stone has remained a popular aggregate choice in construction, landscaping and agriculture. One of the most significant reasons this stone is in high demand is its size and porosity, which allow for rugged applications and drainage.

AASHTO #57 will not compact. However, with vibratory compacting equipment, it will have slight vertical compaction that’s necessary for certain applications. When you bury AASHTO #57 stone, there are enough gaps between and within the stones that air and water can pass through, keeping trees, other vegetation and groundwater healthy. This drainage also prevents pooling and flooding.

If you need AASHTO #57 in Central Pennsylvania, northeast Maryland and surrounding areas, York Building Products can help. Contact us to get AASHTO #57 today.

Stone Classes and Sizes

Choosing the wrong stone size can impact the success of a project. For example, a driveway with large stones will be uncomfortable to walk on. Additionally, small stone dust compacts and hardens when wet, making it unsuitable for drainage projects.

Typically, the higher the class number, the smaller the stones. Choosing the correct stone size can help you complete each project efficiently while saving time and money. Learn more about stone classes and sizes:

  • Class 1: At up to 4 inches, these materials are the largest of the crushed stone classes. The size and bulk of Class 1 stones make them excellent for large projects such as ditch lining, construction entrances, road bases and filling projects.
  • Class 3: If you need to complete a drainage or railroad project, #3 stones are advantageous. These stones are an excellent size for allowing air and water to flow through.
  • Class 5: These stones work well for paver and road bases because they are 1 inch or smaller.
  • Class 8: Contractors often use grade 8 stones for concrete mixes, driveways, asphalt mixes, drainage, walkways and pipe bedding. These materials are generally between 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch.
  • Class 10: Materials in Class 10 are known as dust or screenings. These stones are around 3/8 inch and are suitable for masonry projects, pipe bedding and concrete blocks.
  • Class 57: Class 57 stone is a specialty crushed stone. Materials in this category are excellent for walkways, driveways, concrete mixes, drainage and asphalt mixes.
  • Class 67: The small size of these materials makes them suitable for slab bases and filling.

AASHTO #57 Stone Size

Stones in AASHTO #57 blend are detected with a 1.5-inch sieve, which is why the #57 stone size is around 1 to 1.5 inches. Its size makes it useful for weight-bearing applications such as foundation beds and driveways. #57 is often used aesthetically because it provides a beautiful appearance.


Uses for AASHTO #57 Aggregate

This clean material offers a beautiful aesthetic and is common in driveways and walkways. The raw aggregate is also excellent for ready-mix concrete and some blacktop mixes. AASHTO #57 aggregate has remained one of the most commonly used stone sizes because of its many uses, including:

Driveways and Walkways

The small size of AASHTO #57 makes it excellent for landscaping applications like driveways and walkways. For example, this stone can provide a base for sidewalks, paved driveways, unpaved driveways and gravel walkways.


AASHTO #57 is also excellent for some drainage applications. You can use it to form a septic drain field and French drains. Additionally, you can use these stones to make retaining wall bedding to ensure the walls don’t fail and protect structural integrity during rainfall.

Other Applications

Other construction applications for #57 stone include lining for underground pipes and cables, providing a sub-base for sheds and creating a base for asphalt roads, railroad ballasts and foundation beds. Primary raw aggregate can help form ready-mixed concrete and hot-mixed asphalt.

When using #57 stone in asphalt paving, the tar and other aggregates can sink into the spaces between the stones, which gives the structure a solid and firm base.

Get Your AASHTO #57 Supply at York Building Products

AASHTO #57 is one of the most beneficial aggregates available and one of the most affordable options.  If you need AASHTO #57, get it from a producer known for high-grade materials that lead to successful projects.

For the best quality AASHTO #57 in the region, go to York Building Products. For more than 80 years, we have been one of the leading producers of concrete, stone and blacktop for commercial and residential projects in Central Pennsylvania and northeast Maryland. Within our product portfolio, you can choose from a vast selection of crushed stone, including #57.

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