AASHTO #10 Crushed Stone

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that publishes specifications, guidelines and testing protocols for highway design and construction. AASHTO has created standards for guiding different aggregate specifications, including sizes and gradation requirements, in concrete mix design.

AASHTO #10 is a grade of crushed stone dust valued for its cleanliness and resistance to compaction. The small top size of AASHTO #10 means it will drain, but it does so slowly. Read on to learn more about AASHTO #10 stone and how York Building Products can incorporate it into your next project.


What Is #10 Crushed Stone?

Also called stone dust or rock or gravel screenings, AASHTO #10 crushed stone is a pulverized byproduct of stone-breaking. It’s highly durable, workable and compactable. These qualities make it ideal for various projects. It can provide a base material for concrete blocks, patio pavers, tennis courts, walking trails and more.

AASHTO #10 aggregate can be added to larger stones to reinforce their durability, helping pack them together to prevent movement and shifting. However, crushed stone screenings aren’t recommended for use in muddy areas, as they can absorb moisture, adding to the muddiness.

Crushed stone is a construction aggregate. At a glance, it looks similar to gravel. However, gravel is rounded and erodes naturally over time. Meanwhile, crushed stone is mined and crushed into specific sizes to suit a variety of practical applications.

Because crushed stone can be made from nearly any type of hard stone, it is a highly sustainable resource. The most commonly used rock types are argillite, limestone, granite, washed gravel, and quartzite. Many crushed stone varieties are used in various landscaping and construction projects, from concrete block production to decorative use along residential walkways and gardens.

Crushed stone grades are categorized by fragment sizes after the stone has been crushed. AASHTO #10 aggregate is on the lower end of the scale, as it is ground very finely to create dust. At York, we use limestone to produce AASHTO #10 and other grades of crushed stone, as this material is abundant in Pennsylvania.


AASHTO #10 Stone Size

AASHTO #10 has a 3/8-inch top size that ranges down to a silt-sized material. Its compact size makes it easier to handle than bulkier AASHTO stone grades.


Uses for AASHTO #10 Aggregate

Here are some common commercial and residential applications for the material of this grade.

1. Microsurfacing

Microsurfacing is a durable seal coat designed to extend pavement’s life span. It’s a thin yet sturdy asphalt layer mixed with crushed stone — like AASHTO #10 — to improve traction.

It’s a cost-effective way to preserve the underlying structure, rejuvenate road surfaces, seal minor cracks and reduce the need for costly future repairs. AASHTO #10 is a suitable option for many road projects, offering a durable surface for gravel and concrete to bind onto while laying foundations. Crushed stone provides a strong, uniform base material.

2. Walkway Areas

AASHTO #10 crushed stone is easy to tamp or roll into place, creating a more stable surface for areas like walkways and driveways.

3. Paver Installation

Crushed stone is an effective base for paver installation. It’s easy to work with and provides excellent water drainage capabilities.

4. Trail Surfacing

Crushed stone is a common solution for trail surfacing. It holds up well under heavy everyday use while complementing the surrounding natural landscape. When crushed and compacted properly, AASHTO #10 gravel offers a user-friendly surface year-round for nearly everyone, including runners and walkers, bikers, wheelchair users and those with strollers.

5. Pipe Bedding

Crushed stone is a popular choice for underground pipe bedding. The aggregate helps level and support the pipe.

6. Concrete Block Production

In addition to constructing concrete pathways, #10 crushed stone is a great option for concrete block manufacturing. Because concrete is inherently porous, it absorbs any moisture it comes into contact with. This can lead to pooling.

The addition of crushed stone helps prevent pooling water from settling under and eroding the concrete block. A simple layer of crushed stone significantly enhances drainage, forming a barrier between the concrete block and the ground.

7. Riding Arenas

AASHTO #10 crushed stone provides a compactable material for a horseback riding arena base, stall floor base or building foundation. Crushed stone is angular, providing substantial grip and traction for riding.

8. Tennis Courts

Finally, #10 stone dust offers multiple benefits for tennis court surfacing. Many tennis courts contain a top layer of crushed stone aggregate. Typically, there is another thicker layer of the same material below the top layer, just in a more compact form.

Crushed stone is hard and angular, which are essential qualities for tennis court construction. This angularity helps lock the stone particles together to create a stable playing surface. The hardness provides excellent durability, allowing players to enjoy the court for many years.

If you plan to take on any of these construction projects, AASHTO #10 might be the right material for you. Establish your material needs for the project. Once you have a plan in place, feel free to request a free quote from York Building Products.


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