Nature Trail Pathway Mix

Our nature trail pathway mix is a user-friendly surface that can withstand all seasons. When used properly, this mixture of crushed stone and clay can create a firm yet stable surface resistant to wear and erosion.


Nature Trail Pathway Crushed Stone Size

Our nature trail pathway blend contains a uniform mixture of rock sizes, making it an ideal surface material. The rock sizes in this mixture range from 3/8th of an inch to dust.


What Is Nature Trail Pathway Crushed Stone?

Our nature trail pathway mix is a stone-clay blend that’s ideal for creating paths and walkways in gardens, forests and parks. Crushed stone provides excellent traction. Some of the other benefits of our nature trail pathway mix include:

  • Low maintenance: Crushed stone requires little to no maintenance compared to gravel or mulch. Another benefit of a crushed stone trail is that it does not easily wash away and can withstand constant use, making it a cost-effective surfacing choice.
  • Sustainability: Our crushed stone and clay mix is natural and locally sourced, making it an environmentally friendly option. Minimal processing reduces its environmental impact compared to synthetic options — and it means that a crushed stone trail’s cost is lower than one using other materials.
  • Natural aesthetics: Crushed stone blends well with natural surroundings to create a rustic look. Using crushed stone can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a pathway.
  • Accessibility: This crushed stone mix is stable and compact enough for walkers and wheels, helping to create accessible pathways and trails more people can use.


Uses for Nature Trail Pathway Mix

Our nature trail pathway mix exceeds the ideal plasticity index, making it a top choice for creating a stable surface on walkways, rail trails and bike paths. Some common uses of this crushed stone mix include:

  1. Trail surfacing: Our nature trail pathway mix is the best stone for trails — it aids in creating traction for walking and biking while offering drainage to reduce erosion.
  2. Erosion control: Using crushed stone in areas more likely to experience a washout can help prevent erosion and maintain trail integrity.


Where Can I Find Nature Trail Pathway Crushed Stone Near Me?

This nature trail pathway mix is available at our Lincoln Quarry location. When you choose us for crushed stone, you can feel confident in its quality. We oversee each part of the production process to ensure every aggregate meets our high standards.


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Looking for an easy way to enhance your trail or walkway? Our nature trail pathway mix is a durable choice that provides a stable surface for walking, running and biking. Complete our contact form to speak with our knowledgeable team to find the best aggregate for trails.