DEP Sand

High-quality Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) sand provides effective filtration and drainage in septic system construction.

At York Building Products, we provide DEP-approved septic sand that meets the environmental goals set by Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection. This sand helps you obtain the best filtration results while protecting your property from common contaminants and toxins.


DEP Sand Size

The size of DEP sand particles ranges from 0.3 mm to 0.6 mm. Small and fine sand particles can trap most contaminants. Uniformity helps to maintain consistent drainage within the system and stabilizes distribution into the surrounding soil.


Septic Sand and Septic Tank Installation

DEP sand filters contaminants from the septic system before the water enters the surrounding soil, safeguarding your water supply from toxins.

A septic sand filtration system can be located above or below the ground depending on your property. You may need to consider setback distances to the foundation and other guidelines. Your local permitting department can provide more information. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests placing septic tanks on level ground to ensure solids can settle, though regulations and permitting occur at the local level.

Many residents of Pennsylvania rely on well water — the state has more than a million private wells and new ones drilled yearly. If your septic system is near a water supply, you will need to comply with any state or local regulations that apply.


What Are the Specifications of DEP Sand?

The DEP requires septic sand suppliers to have a certification that their sand meets government standards. These standards are critical to limiting water contamination and disease and extending the longevity of septic and water systems. You can count on York Building Products for sand that meets your needs and the relevant regulations.


Sourcing Septic Sand Near You

At York Building Products, we obtain our septic sand from the surrounding region to ensure our product is compliant with AASHTO and ASTM standards. We control the quality of your septic sand throughout the entire manufacturing process to ensure our product meets government standards.

You can purchase DEP-approved septic sand from our Lincoln Quarry plant located in Pennsylvania’s West Manchester Township.


Why Choose York Building Products?

Since our founding in 1957, York Building Products has strived to provide you with the highest-quality products in the industry. With facilities across the Mid-Atlantic, we are your reliable source for DEP-approved sand along with concrete products if you need them.

Contact us today to learn how our DEP-approved septic sand can benefit your project.