CR6 contains a mix of fine and coarsely crushed stones. Given its versatility, CR6 is often a foundational stone for many outdoor projects.


What Is CR6 Crushed Stone?

CR6 crushed stone has many names, such as 21-A, road stone, dense grade aggregate (DGA) and quarry process (QP). CR6 contains crushed rock and stone dust because it has been carefully blended and graded to create a low-void content mixture. By combining angular stone pieces with fine dust particles, CR6 can offer unique capabilities like interlocking and compaction.


CR6 Stone Size

The average size of CR6 stone ranges from 1/8 inch to dust. However, slightly larger stones may be present due to the crushing process.


Uses for CR6 Aggregate

CR6 is a compactable aggregate that can fill voids between larger aggregates for projects like laying asphalt and concrete.

Bases for Parking Lots, Roads and Highways

CR6 aggregate can protect the native soil by laying down a layer above the subgrade to reduce the risk of soil displacement. The presence of CR6 aggregate helps to distribute weight equally, increasing the pavement’s durability.


CR6 crushed stone is a great option to line walkways and driveways. Alternatively, CR6 can cover the entire surface of a walkway to create a textured, natural look and provide a sturdy surface.

Paver Installation

Another use of CR6 is as a base material for pavers. The thickness of the CR6 will vary depending on the sub-base and weight limits. For example, a soft clay sub-base requires a thicker layer. CR6 creates a solid foundation, allowing the pavers to function correctly and safely for years after installation.

Select Backfill

Digging at construction sites creates holes that require backfill. CR6 is a durable stone with excellent drainage, making it a great choice for backfill.

Drainage Ditches

The varying sizes of CR6 also make it a great stone for drainage ditches. The larger open spaces allow water to flow through much better than options such as tightly packed soil.


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