Anti-Skid – 1/4″ Rice

The Anti-Skid -1/4″ Rice consists of coarse, angular stones with excellent traction and skid resistance capabilities. From adverse weather to challenging terrain, the anti-skid aggregate can provide the friction needed to maneuver in those conditions.


What Is Anti-Skid Crushed Stone?

Anti-skid stone is a crushed stone designed to create friction and prevent vehicles from skidding or slipping on a road surface. The aggregate acts as a traction aid, providing extra grip and stability in adverse terrain. The Anti-Skid -1/4″ Rice is the ideal solution for improving vehicle performance and safety through enhanced skid resistance.


Anti-Skid -1/4″ Rice Stone Size

This anti-skid aggregate is finely crushed and grounded to smaller stones with a top size of ¼ inch. The ¼ stone meets the anti-skid specifications of gravel AS2 and AS3.


Uses for Anti-Skid -1/4″ Aggregate

Anti-skid aggregate is commonly used as a traction aid for roadway surfaces. It can be used on sidewalks, parking lots, driveways and roads to enhance traction during all types of weather and road conditions. Proper traction is required for a vehicle to start, stop or move in different directions. Plus, it decreases the risk of skidding, loss of control and potential accidents.

The aggregate carries characteristics required for skid resistance, such as a coarse texture and ¼ stone size. It is placed between a slippery surface and the vehicle’s wheels to increase friction and permit better moving and braking.


Other Anti-Skid Stone Applications

In addition to providing enhanced traction and skid resistance for various landscaping or construction purposes, Anti-Skid -1/4″ Rice can also be used for:

  • Outdoor landscaping: Anti-skid aggregate can be used to add texture on walkways, gardens, ramps or any outdoor area while reducing the risk of slipping or falling.
  • Concrete production: The coarse texture of the ¼ stone makes it the perfect aggregate material for concrete production. It is often added to concrete used in specific construction projects such as walkways, playgrounds or landscape areas.


Find the Right Crushed Stone at York Building Products

At York Building Products, we manufacture the highest quality crushed stone to suit all kinds of applications, including small and large-scale projects. We are one of the largest aggregate producers in the mid-Atlantic with over 80 years of experience in the industry. When it comes to the production of our anti-skid stone, we control every stage of the process, from the crushing of raw material to manufacturing.

You can expect quality products and exceptional customer service when you choose us as your trusted supplier. We also deliver throughout several locations, including Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.


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