AASHTO #7 stone is a durable, versatile aggregate with many construction and landscaping applications. The stone features a smaller top size, making it the ideal ingredient for asphalt and ready-mix concrete mixes.


What Is #7 Crushed Stone?

Crushed stone is a type of aggregate formed by breaking down larger rock formations to specific sizes. The stones are then categorized into different grades based on the sizes of the pieces produced after crushing. AASHTO #7 is one of the smaller-sized grades of crushed stone and is characterized by its durability and versatility.


AASHTO #7 Stone Size

AASHTO #7 stone usually ranges between ¼ inches and ¾ inches in size. These crushed stones are relatively small but will not compact, making them useful in various projects.


Uses for AASHTO #7 Aggregate

Here are a few common uses for #7 crushed stone.

Asphalt Mixes

When it comes to construction materials, #7 crushed stone is commonly used as a critical ingredient in the production of asphalt and ready-mix concrete. As part of asphalt mixes, the aggregate plays an essential role in enhancing the durability, structural stability and load bearing capacity of asphalt paving.

Road Surfacing

The #7 crushed stone works well as a base for laying concrete or asphalt. The durable stone creates a steady foundation that provides excellent support for the road surface. Whether the aggregate is used as a base for driveways or sidewalks, it helps distribute the load to prevent damage to the surface and ensure the longevity of the roads.

Pipe Bedding

AASHTO #7 stone is typically used for underground pipe bedding. The smaller sizes of these crushed stones make it easier to compact them beneath and around the piping so they can provide the support required to carry the load. With the proper bedding, the overlying loads will be evenly distributed, and pipe failure can be avoided. Additionally, the draining capabilities of #7 crushed stone prevent water accumulation around the pipes.


The #7 crushed stone is also suitable for drainage applications. The angular stones create voids, which allow water to pass through. As a result, water build-up and erosion can be prevented by directing water away from the structure. When used in conjunction with French drains or other systems, they can help increase the drainage capacity.


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