AASHTO #6 crushed stone is on the larger size of aggregates. Rather than its size and shape being natural, the stone is mined and then put through a crusher, so the edges are cut and sometimes sharp. The angular cut allows the stone to offer better drainage by creating lower compaction. Keeping more space between each stone allows water to flow.


What Is #6 Crushed Stone?

The type of rock making up AASHTO #6 will generally depend on the area it is mined from. For sustainability purposes, getting materials from local sources as often as possible is a solid choice. Generally, the rock is a mix of limestone and granite, among other types.

Since the stone’s aggregate is also a naturally occurring substance, it provides longevity, durability and eco-friendliness.


AASHTO #6 Stone Size

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has standardized stone size and created guidelines to ensure that materials used across the board are of the same size and quality. AASHTO #6 specifications for size usually range from 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/2 inches.


Uses for AASHTO #6 Aggregate

Because of the larger size of AASHTO #6, it is usually used for drainage purposes and as a filler. For example, you’ll see the aggregate being used for:

  • Driveway gravel
  • French drains
  • Base material
  • RV pads
  • Drainage control
  • Walkways
  • Foundation backfill


Benefits of Using AASHTO #6 Aggregate

Because of its larger size, using AASHTO #6 has several benefits:

  • Permeability: Water can flow between the cut stones easily. That movement can help prevent pooling or accumulation.
  • Compaction and stability: You can compact the stone with tools and equipment. Once the rocks are firmly in place, they will provide a firm base.
  • Weed barrier: In landscaping, you can use the aggregate as a weed barrier. Bear in mind that it must be at the right depth to inhibit weed growth, but it will reduce the need for chemical herbicides and maintenance if done correctly.




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