3A Modified

3A modified crushed stone is an excellent choice for various residential and commercial projects. The aggregate provides drainage and is primarily used as a base for road surfaces. You can find high-quality 3A modified stone for your projects at York Building Products.


What Is 3A Modified Crushed Stone?

3A modified is a crushed stone used as an aggregate in construction and landscaping. This material is produced through a process of crushing large stones into smaller pieces — even all the way down to stone dust. The procedure ensures the pieces have a uniform shape and size consistent with 3A modified stone specifications.

The stone is similar to 2A modified, except it features larger sizes in the aggregate mixture. However, it also contains finer materials, such as dirt and crushed stone dust, to provide compaction.


3A Stone Sizes

Since 3A modified is a compactable aggregate, the stones are on the smaller side, ranging from ½ to 2 inches. However, you will also find fines and dirt in the mixture.


Uses for 3A Modified Stone

3A modified is used in several residential and commercial applications. The fine stones are dense enough to support compaction projects and allow for drainage. Here are some common uses for this type of crushed stone:      

  • Road base: 3A modified makes an excellent base for roads, pavers, driveways and walkways. The crushed stone is used as a foundational layer that provides integrity and substantial structural support to the road surface. In addition, it offers adequate drainage, which prevents the accumulation of standing water and the damage it causes.
  • Filling voids: Since the aggregate is easier to compact, it is used to fill voids created around the foundations of buildings in construction projects. 3A modified stone provides a solid finish that better supports the structure. Plus, it contains the compaction and drainage capabilities needed for the application.
  • Landscaping: This crushed stone is helpful for aesthetic and functional purposes in landscaping. For instance, the stone can be used to create pathways and serve as paving to outline your outdoor spaces.


How to Find High-Quality 3A Stone Near You

Successful completion of construction and landscaping projects requires access to top-notch materials that meet your demands. When you’re looking for 3A stone, choose a reputable supplier like York Building Products. With decades of experience in the industry, we have become a trusted source for premium construction and landscaping materials in Central Pennsylvania and beyond. You will find 3A modified stone available in our locations, including:

  • Bonnybrook Quarry
  • Lincoln Quarry
  • Roosevelt Quarry
  • Shrewsbury Facility


York Building Products Has the Crushed Stone You Need to Complete Any Construction Project

At York Building Products, we offer an extensive selection of top-quality crushed stone with various sizes and grades to suit your applications. Our 3A modified stone is manufactured to provide reliable and long-lasting performance, so you can count on us to help you find materials to complete your project.

Contact our team to learn more about our offerings or visit a location near you to get started.