2A Modified (PennDOT)

2A modified is compactable crushed stone with various residential and commercial applications, from laying foundations for driveways to filling road surfaces. Find the 2A modified stone you need at York Building Products.


What Is 2A Modified Crushed Stone?

2A modified crushed stone is a type of well-graded aggregate typically used in road construction. These small stones have few air voids between them and are modified with additional fine elements, such as stone dust or clay, making them the perfect solution when a dense, uniform base is needed. Also, 2A modified stone has a specific size and grading that meets Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) specifications.


2A Stone Sizes

As a fine-sized aggregate, 2A modified stone is made up of a combination of crushed particles that come in various sizes. This stone option often has a 1-inch top size and ranges down to ¾ inches.


Uses for 2A Modified Stone

Since 2A modified stone is ground down to smaller particles, it has the unique characteristic of being compact. As a result, this material is often used in construction projects where compaction is needed. 2A modified makes the perfect base material in road construction and provides a stable foundation for asphalt and concrete application. The compactable aggregate can improve the overall durability and stability of the surface by creating a solid base that can withstand traffic.

Some common uses for 2A modified stone include:

  • Pavers: 2A modified stone can serve as a foundational base when laying pavers for patios, driveways, sidewalks or other exterior surfaces. The crushed stone provides a stable and leveled surface, which is ideal for this task.
  • Road fill: This stone option acts as a base material in many projects, including the construction of roads. The compactable aggregate adds durability and uniformity to the surface while providing an excellent base for gravel and concrete to bind onto when laying the foundation.
  • Pipe bedding: 2A modified stone can also be used for bedding underground pipes. The material is typically placed at the bottom of a trench where piping is laid and provides the necessary support for the load.


Where Can You Find 2A Stone Near You?

You can find and purchase 2A modified stone from a local supplier in your area. However, choosing a reliable option is vital to ensure you get high-quality, well-graded 2A crushed stone for your PennDOT-approved projects. As a reputable supplier with over 80 years of experience, York Building Products is the go-to source for first-grade 2A modified stone that can support all your applications. You will find our high-quality materials at our locations, which include:

  • Bonnybrook Quarry
  • Lincoln Quarry
  • Roosevelt Quarry
  • Shrewsbury Facility


York Building Products Has the Crushed Stone You Need

If you’re looking for 2A modified stone near you, turn to York Building Products. We are proud to offer the highest quality crushed stone throughout our locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. Our knowledgeable team is also available to assist you and guide you toward finding a solution that best suits your needs. Contact us to learn more or order our stone for your project today!