AASHTO #1 Stone

Crushed stone has a variety of applications. AASHTO #1 crushed stone is the largest of the stone classes, making it a versatile option for many large-scale construction projects. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) classifies stones based on certain characteristics.

AASHTO #1 is a large grade of crushed stone that is best suited for larger construction projects. It is a clean material that will not compact. The size of these stones helps determine the best application for each type to save on costs while effectively completing projects. Keep reading to learn more about #1 stone and its applications.

What Is #1 Crushed Stone?

Crushed stone is a sustainable resource because it can be produced using nearly any kind of hard rock. At York Building Products, we use Pennsylvania's abundant source of limestone to create AASHTO #1 and other grades of crushed stone.

People frequently use crushed stone for maintenance and road construction applications, but you can also use some crushed stones to create lime, cement and similar agricultural materials.

Differing grades of crushed stone are categorized based on the size of the pieces generated by the crushing process. The stone's size will determine whether the best applications will be construction and landscaping projects or decorative ones, such as lining for residential ponds to stormwater diversion pits. #1 crushed stone is the largest grade.

York Building Products offers type 1 aggregate in the Central Pennsylvania region.

Stone Classes and Sizes

Crushed stone products are very versatile as there are many sizes to choose from, each with distinct application purposes. Crushed #1 stone is the largest of the crushed stone grades, making them excellent for jobs needing to fill ample space. The need for type 1 stone (or other types) varies by project.

Each stone class ranges in size. Typically, the higher the class number, the smaller the stone size. Finding the right crushed stone size is essential for project completion because each has a different capability and purpose, and some projects may call for multiple types.

For example, you would avoid large crushed stones for a commercial walkway because this would create a challenging surface to walk upon.

See how Class #1 stone compares to similar crushed stone types with these examples:

  • Class 1 stone: This class includes stones between 2 and 4 inches. Type 1 stone is the largest of the crushed varieties and is great for filling large voids. You can also use this aggregate for road bases and construction entrances.
  • Class 3 stone: Class 3 stones are slightly smaller than class 1 and an excellent choice for drainage and railroad projects.
  • Class 5 stone: Stones in this class are typically smaller than the preceding classes. They are often used as paver bases or railroad applications.
  • Class 8 stone: Class 8 stones are commonly used in concrete and asphalt mixes.
  • Class 10 stone: Stones in this class are known as dust or screenings. This material is used to create concrete blocks or pavers and similar masonry products.
  • Class 57 stone: You will typically use these stones for ready-mix concrete, drainage and landscaping. This material is often used in stone driveways and asphalt mixes.
  • Class 67 stone: Stones smaller than Class 57 stones are Class 67. You can use this material for fill and as a road or slab base. It's also common for drainage applications like backfill for a retaining wall.


AASHTO #1 Stone Size

AASHTO #1 has a top rock size of 2 to 4 inches. These crushed stones are bulky, and their size makes them impractical for surfacing material uses. However, AASHTO #1 is excellent for subgrade stabilization. It is a clean material that won't compact, allowing for many construction applications.

AASHTO #1 is the largest crushed stone variety offered by York Building Products.

Uses for AASHTO #1 Aggregate

The most common types of rock used in crushed stone production are limestone, granite, and quartzite. However, you can also use slate, marble, sandstone and volcanic cinder for some construction applications. After mining these materials, they are crushed into specific sizes for a wide array of practical uses.

As the largest crushed stone grade available, AASHTO #1 is naturally suited for larger jobs. It's excellent for creating a sub-base layer to evenly distribute weight over a specific area to improve heavy carry loads.

Unlike fine or coarse aggregates, AASHTO #1 aggregate is unsuitable for small-scale applications such as creating asphalt or concrete mixes or providing a foundation. These stones are excellent ballast materials for railroad sites and similar locations, which is why this stone is commonly known as PA #4 ballast.

Here are some common commercial and residential applications for materials of this grade:

Water Applications

The bulky size of AASHTO #1 makes it suitable for lining diversion pits for stormwater. These stones allow water to bypass and seep into the layers underneath, providing more efficient drainage. These stones also make excellent decorative pieces for landscaping around a pond or in similar visual applications, such as lining the edge of walkways.

Construction Applications

These stones are great for creating construction entrances and a stabilized road base. You can also use AASHTO #1 stone to line ditches or make a driveway base with screening. Other large jobs, such as culvert ballasts, are also suitable for #1 stone.

If you're planning on taking on any of these construction projects, AASHTO #1 might be the right material for you. Request a free quote from York Building Products for delivery or purchase in the Central Pennsylvania region.


Find the Right Crushed Stone at York Building Products

Having access to a reliable producer of stone, concrete and blacktop can make all the difference when it comes to a successful construction job. York Building Products is proud to provide service from our plants in York and Cumberland counties to the entire Central PA region. In addition, we provide AASHTO #1 stone at our plant in Cecil County, MD. We make safety a priority and offer specialized services that are hard to find at other quarries in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

We have been Central PA's reliable provider of crushed stone for more than 80 years. We offer AASHTO #1 as part of a wide range of sizes of crushed stone to fit the needs of any commercial or residential construction project you have in mind.

For assistance in finding the best grade of crushed stone for your project, feel free to reach out to us. We deliver to locations throughout Pennsylvania, including Cumberland County, Dauphin County, Lancaster County, Perry County and York County. We also have plants in Maryland and Delaware, empowering us to help local residents in a variety of locations.

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