Split Face

Split face is consistently the most popular architectural masonry unit finish because it offers a uniquely textured face, and can be manufactured as a paint-grade product or in a variety of attractive colors. Because of the manufacturing process of a split face block, no two units are exactly alike, which offers aesthetic depth to building design.

Our split face masonry can be used as a load-bearing wall or as a veneer, and it blends well with other architectural block finishes.

Split face masonry is thermally efficient, sound absorbent, and fire resistant– making it a preferred product in the construction of commercial projects such as theaters, schools, and municipal buildings. It is manufactured as a normal-weight or lightweight unit; it conforms to ASTM C 90 standard specification for load-bearing concrete masonry units.

BIM – Revit® Design Files:
We provide Revit® design files for our common unit shapes & sizes, including the family of finishes and colors– by shape. They are free to download here.

STOCKED COLORS:   We stock split face CMU in 4″, 8″, 12″ stretchers, 8″ & 12″ open-bottom bond beams, 6″ sill, and an 8″ universal corner in the six colors below. Our WORKRITE® Type-S masonry cement is also stocked in these colors for your convenience. IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Our stocked split face program is currently undergoing reorganization for a new unveiling of stocked colors available mid-March. In the meantime, please contact a sales representative for color availability before ordering.

Colors - Standard

Colors - Premium

Colors - Stocked