Rustic Face

The texture on the face of this block is generated by blasting small pellets at the surface of the unit. This process delivers a time-worn, weathered appearance that lends a building an easy-living “coastal” feel.

Rustic Face masonry units are manufactured in the same variety of sizes and shapes as our other architectural block and comes in a variety of colors.

Rustic Face masonry units conform to ASTM C90 standard specification for loadbearing units and can be used as a single-wythe wall or as a veneer. Like other concrete masonry units, it is fire resistant, thermally efficient, sound absorbing and offers a lifetime of beauty with very little maintenance required.

BIM – Revit® Design Files:
We provide Revit® design files for our common unit shapes & sizes, including the family of finishes and colors– by shape. They are free to download here.


Colors - Neutrals