Gemstone Plus®

Gemstone Plus® filled and polished units provide the dramatic look of terrazzo, with a high-gloss finish that’s perfect for lobbies and other interior spaces.

The unit faces are ground to expose the beauty of the natural aggregates. Then, polymer-modified cementitious grout is used to fill the pores of the unit. Next, the unit faces are highly-polished. Finally, a clear satin gloss, heat-polymerized acrylic is factory-applied to enhance the natural beauty of the aggregates. This acrylic finish provides additional moisture resistance.

Gemstone Plus units are designed to meet ASTM C 744 specifications for Prefaced Concrete and Calcium Silicate Masonry Units.

BIM – Revit® Design Files:
We provide Revit® design files for our common unit shapes & sizes, including the family of finishes and colors– by shape. They are free to download here.


Colors - Neutrals