Rosetta® Grand Ledge

Grand Ledge retaining blocks provide the texture of snapped limestone with a crisp, contemporary line at a grand scale--with the benefit of engineered efficiencies to make installation easier.

The blocks are 12 inches tall and come in lengths of 3, 4, 5, and 6 feet long. The unit depths help create a consistent 2-1⁄4 inch setback, and the 7-1/2 degree taper from the face allows for subtle curves.

Grand Ledge 4-sided blocks can be used for corners, top blocks, or freestanding applications, providing the perfect finishing touches for every project.


  • 24 unique wall textures
  • Four additional 4-sided blocks can be used for corners, top blocks, & freestanding walls
  • Capable of 5-6 foot gravity walls with optimal site conditions
  • The minimum radius that can be achieved is 20 feet; however, we recommend limiting the radii of curves to no less than 30 feet for better constructability and aesthetics. These minimum values are suitable for both outside (convex) and inside (concave) curves.

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