MagnumStone™ is a large-block, hollow-core, wet-cast segmental retaining wall system that uses nearly half the amount of concrete per face foot compared to traditional solid systems. The environmental and economic advantages of the pre-cast, hollow-core MagnumStone product are unprecedented in the retaining wall industry.

MagnumStone “Full Units” cover eight square feet (2’H x 4’W) and are two feet deep. “Half Units” cover four square feet (1’H x 4’W) and are two feet deep.

MagnumStone is especially effective as a gravity wall system whenever space is limited behind the wall for various reasons, such as in cut situations when you cannot excavate for geogrid reinforcing and use one square foot block due to proximity to property lines, rock, utilities, or other obstructions. Gravity walls can be built to any desired height using 2’ and 4’ concrete extenders. The extenders allow the wall depth to be increased from 2’ (initial block depth) up to 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, etc., as needed to obtain the required depth for tall gravity walls. MagnumStone is MDOT approved.

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Bring your big-block project to life with COLOR. MagnumStone is produced in our “Natural” color. With new jobsite tinting technology, your project can be field-tinted for a natural stone appearance--at a lower cost. The color integrates into the block face, providing years of beauty. Field tinting has a 50-year warranty against fading, chipping, or peeling.

PLEASE NOTE: Field tinting in Ash, Canyon or Saddle is performed after construction and at an additional cost.  See your sales representative for more details.