CornerStone® 100

Frederick, MD Plant

The CornerStone® 100 unit combines large cores, unique connecting lugs, and tapered sides to allow maximum flexibility during installation while maintaining high structural integrity.

The CornerStone 100 series is suitable for almost every application – not only large commercial retaining structures, but also for smaller residential walls. The connecting lugs on the block establish a 4.5-degree wall batter, providing a creative design detail when gravity walls of three feet or less are desired.

Since additional connectors are unnecessary, the wall system has more layout flexibility and is more economical. York Building Products manufactures CornerStone in a variety of colors, making the random split face wall a compliment to almost any design or style of construction.

CornerStone 100 units produced at our Frederick, MD facility have a 1/3 mix of double-sided units included in the pallet. (We are currently the only CornerStone 100 manufacturer to have this capability in the USA.) The double-sided unit can be used in wall construction just like a standard CornerStone 100 unit. However, having these units available on the jobsite can also provide the benefit for use as a short parapet wall, or double-sided seating wall.

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