Donated Concrete Block Aids Reef-Building Project Along Maryland Coastline

2/11/2021 – Located just off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland, a new reef system deployed by non-profit Ocean City Reef Foundation (OCRF) is taking shape. This reef system contains various man-made objects strategically placed on the ocean floor to create a flourishing marine habitat.

York, PA-based York Building Products, a regional concrete block manufacturer, has committed to providing roughly 65,000 total block units to support the OCRF effort. Shipments of block from York’s Pennsylvania plants began in fall of 2020, with shipments continuing throughout 2021 to meet their 65,000-unit goal.

Some block units are inserted into large concrete tubes, while others are scattered about the ocean floor. This varied placement provides myriad ways for the reef to grow, attracting more types of marine life.

York Building Products Masonry Division Vice President, Greg McElwee noted; “we are proud to support the creation of this much-needed habitat that will help ensure a plentiful fishery for years to come.”

About Ocean City Reef Foundation:
Founded in 1997, and based in Ocean City, Maryland, the Ocean City Reef Foundation (OCRF) is a nonprofit organization committed to the enhancement of coastal marine habitats through the creation and monitoring of artificial reef systems.