Vintage Series™ Brick – Split Face

The beauty and cost-effectiveness of architectural concrete brick provides an attractive alternative to clay brick. Our Vintage Series™ concrete brick is highly durable and color-fast, and is a non-load-bearing veneer unit that is similar to clay brick in appearance and installation.

Our Vintage Series™ brick colors are fully integral, so if damage occurs to the veneer, it is less noticeable.

Vintage Series™ brick are manufactured in accordance with ASTM C1634, Standard Specification for Concrete Facing Brick.  All units contain integral water repellent admixtures at the time of manufacture.

The following shapes and sizes are available:


2-1/4″H x 3-5/8″D x 7-5/8″L (STOCKED in all 12 colors below)
3-5/8″H x 3-5/8″D x 7-5/8″L



2-1/4″H x 3-5/8″D x 15-5/8″L
2-5/8″H x 3-5/8″D x 15-5/8″L
3-5/8″H x 3-5/8″D x 15-5/8″L

BIM – Revit® Design Files:
We provide Revit® design files for our common unit shapes & sizes, including the family of finishes and colors– by shape. They are free to download from here.