Protective Coatings For Masonry


Building a masonry structure is a complex and costly investment. Protect that investment and maintain your building’s beauty for years to come with specialty protective coatings by York Building Products.

Working with a team of chemists from a U.S.-based company, we developed these special application products to meet our customers’ exacting needs– while protecting the integrity of our block colors and finish.

Designed with our environment and human safety in mind, all of our coating products are low VOC and environmentally friendly.

When specifying our masonry products, please remember to specify the proper coatings by name to help ensure the life, integrity and beauty of your structure.


Choose from the links below for product(s) specific to your needs:

GEMCOAT™  – Color & finish enhancement

GEMCOAT-WB™  – Color & finish enhancement (Water-based)

GRAFFITI-CLEAN™ – Graffiti removal

WATER-SHIELD™ – Water repellent

GEMCOAT Mold-Resistant Coating Additive™ – Increase mold-resistance

GEMCOAT-WB  Mold-Resistant Coating Additive™ – Increase mold-resistance (Water-based)