Ivany Block

The Ivany Block system is an engineered, reinforced concrete masonry system using the revolutionary and proven Ivany Block.

As an alternative to cast-in-place steel reinforced concrete walls, the Ivany Block meets all the necessary high demands for structural performance – at costs significantly below those for reinforced concrete.

This specialty unit provides for both horizontal and vertical reinforcement (rebar). Ivany Block also eliminates the coordination of trades as masons lay the block, place the steel, and pour the concrete in one continuous process: That means no jurisdictional disputes.

Available in 8” and 12” bed depths, as well as colored architectural units in Rustic Face.

Technical Data


Submit product literature, certifications, test reports, full size samples of each product specified.

Quality Assurance
Ivany® Block "Open End" concrete masonry units shall conform to the standard specifications for masonry structures set forth in ACI 530.1-05/ASCE 6-05/TMS 602-05 with regard to design criteria and minimum material physical properties. A 3000 p.s.i. net area compressive strength is required and when used with a type M mortar will meet a 2000 f'm p.s.i. in accordance with NCMA TEK 18-1A. Ivany® Block conform to ASTM C 90 Standard Specification for Loadbearing Concrete Masonry Units in concern of dimensional integrity, physical requirements, finish and appearance.

Delivery, Storage and Handling
Ivany® Block units shall be delivered to the job site on pallets. Store pallets in single stacks on level ground and cover with waterproof covering (e.g. tarpaulins) to protect the blocks from inclement weather conditions.

Project/Site Conditions
Protection of work: Cover walls each day after installation to keep open walls protected and dry.


Product Name
Ivany® Block System (reinforced concrete masonry units).

York Building Products Company, Inc., 950 Smile Way, York, PA 17404 • 800-673-2408 • 717-848-2831 • FAX 717-854-9156 under license from G. R. Ivany & Assoc., Inc., Fairview Park, OH

Product Description
Basic Use: The Ivany® Block Structural System, an engineered, reinforced concrete masonry system utilizing the Ivany® Block, is a revolutionary and proven concrete masonry unit. The Ivany® System adds a new dimension to the performance of concrete masonry as an alternate to cast-in-place steel reinforced concrete walls. Use of the Ivany® Block System provides all the necessary high demands for structural performance at cost significantly below that of reinforced concrete walls made with conventional formwork.

Ivany® Block Open End units shall be manufactured with a ½ inch lip on the bottom of the block and a protrusion of the lip in the middle of the core shall be provided to hold the vertical bar in the proper position for the outside face. There will be provided two vertical slots in the web of the block for horizontal reinforcing which in turn provides hold for vertical bar inside. Special corner units shall be provided to make possible the proper placement of the horizontal corner bars.

Composition and Materials: Type- Ivany® Block Open End Block; Sizes-Standard Modular Dimensions

Limitations: Use of the Ivany® Block System is not a pre-engineered method of construction. The size and spacing must be determined by calculations for the particular applications.

Fire Ratings: Define hourly rating required as 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours. Ivany® Block shall conform to ASTM E119 with respect to minimum thickness required for various wall assemblies.

Installation Guide

Ivany® Block masonry units are manufactured using patented technology that ensures consistent dimensional integrity within tolerances defined by ASTM C90 for the concrete masonry units.

Laying Masonry Walls
Install Ivany® Block units using the best masonry practices. Mortar used should be type M conforming to ASTM C 270. Concrete fill should be 3000 psi with a minimum slump of 8 inches. High lift grouting is allowed; grouting procedure shall conform to masonry wall construction outlined in NCMA TEK 3-2A. Grout should be ½ inch maximum size large aggregate conforming to ASTM C 476 and NCMA TEK 9-4A.

Ivany® Block units do not require maintenance of any kind.

Ivany® Block is reasonably priced compared to alternative wall systems. Installed costs will vary by type of units, types of construction, and location of project. Your sales representative can help you to compare and evaluate your individual needs.