DiffusorBlox® units simultaneously offer a distinctive appearance, extended low frequency absorption, sound isolation and sound diffusive reflection control, making it the most cost-effective acoustical CMU in the industry.

DiffusorBlox® can be utilized for a broad range of project applications — from reducing unwanted noise of air conditioning units to helping to control the pleasing sounds in a concert hall.

RPG Acoustical Systems, Inc., the creator of DiffusorBlox, strives to blend science with art to develop acoustical and architecturally-pleasing solutions to noise and sound control problems. RPG maintains a strong commitment to basic research, providing technical information, and maintaining direct involvement in the design community. Visit the RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc. site for more information on DiffusorBlox® and other acoustical noise control products.

DiffusorBlox® units are available in smooth face finish only. Additionally, all of our DiffusorBlox® units contain integral water repellent admixtures at the time of manufacture and meet or exceed ASTM C-90 standards.

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