Alleyway Cobble™

Alleyway Cobble™ is a new product that can be used as a “standard paver” or a “permeable paver,” depending on how you install it. Alleyway Cobble gives you the appearance of an old granite paver that has been in the ground for centuries, yet provides the performance and ease of installation of a contemporary product.

Shape Guide

Name : Alleyway Cobble
York Building Products 0 Shape for Alleyway Cobble™ Pavers

5 x 5 x 3⅛
5 x 7 x 3⅛
5 x 8 x 3⅛
5 x 9 x 3⅛

Pallet Info
Pcs/Pallet : 336
Wgt. Per Piece :
Wgt. Per Pallet : 2833
Pallet Sq. Ft. : 88