Hardscape Products

Hardscape Products

Our vision for producing the highest quality hardscape products goes way beyond the manufacturing process.  We study trends in color, finish and scale (size and shape), and regularly invest in new technologies to bring our customers the finest outdoor living experience possible.

RETAINING WALLS: We are a licensed manufacturer of several international retaining wall systems (CornerStone, Keystone, Anchor, MagnumStone and Mesa), and we also produce walls of our own design. We have over 25 years of engineering experience with tall structural walls and have several million square feet of our retaining wall blocks installed in the Mid-Atlantic region.  We also have in-depth knowledge of landscape wall and double-sided patio wall installation.

PAVERS AND PATIO TILE:  With our NewLine Hardscapes production facility based in central Virginia, we can easily supply customers from the Carolinas to New York.  Need traditional pavers?  We have them.  Looking for something a little different or need permeable pavers?  We have them as well. To find a dealer near you, just visit www.newlinehardscapes.com and let your imagination do the rest.

OUTDOOR LIVING KITS:  We know there is more to outdoor living than just seating walls and pavers.  That’s why we developed pre-designed kits for patio fire pits and bistro tables.  And we have more in development for the years ahead.  Pre-designed kits make installation a breeze!  Visit www.newlinehardscapes.com.

ACCESSORIES. ACCESSORIES. ACCESSORIES: Putting the finishing touch on your beautiful new patio is easy with York Building Products.  We provide our dealers with all the essentials necessary to properly install a quality project for you.  It’s part of our commitment to making sure our customers are completely satisfied with their new York Building Products project.