Going Green

York Building Products is committed to providing safe, sustainable business practices throughout our operations. From product design, to production, to transportation and delivery, we analyze every step of the process to ensure our products are developed in the most earth-friendly manner possible.

  • We encourage our customers to contact us for plant tours to see firsthand how we manage our operations. Some examples:
  • We incorporate dust control machinery to improve air quality in our plants.
  • We employ energy efficient electric motors where applicable in production, reducing our overall energy consumption and our draw on the local grid.
  • We use recycled, environmentally friendly parts cleaners throughout our plants to reduce chemical loads on the environment.
  • We utilize low-VOC and Zero-HAPS sealers on all products, aiding in the reduction of harmful greenhouse gases.
  • We have standardized environmental stewardship efforts on many levels throughout our operations; including business offices as well as production facilities, by reducing paper waste, water use and energy consumption.
  • We employ anti-idling policies for our fleets, reducing emissions and further energy consumption.
  • We provide safe, clean and controlled work areas for our employees, and have garnered multiple statewide safety awards from the Pennsylvania Concrete Masonry Association.

We are proud of our investment into a bright future for the generations that follow us, and remain committed to these efforts as part of our corporate mission.