Stewart Companies

When Robert Stewart entered the business world more than three-quarters of a century ago, he was armed with a keen mind, a tireless work ethic and the conviction that a man is only as good as his word.

His first investment was a used air compressor and jackhammer. He purchased and then leased them to the contractor on a large sewer installation project in which he was employed as rod-man on the survey crew. That investment ultimately enabled Stewart to start York Construction Company – now Stewart & Tate, Inc.

Shortly thereafter, he invested in a Trackscavator, a machine that dug basements for homes faster than any competing method. Eager builders were soon lining up, waiting to get Stewart’s Trackscavator onsite. Another wise investment.

That heritage, in a nutshell, captures The Stewart Companies’ business acumen. Today, their combined entities handle the entire range of construction related services, from the production of raw and finished aggregate products, to land development, architectural design and all aspects of horizontal and vertical construction. This integration allows the companies to leverage their capabilities, competencies and cost-efficiencies in ways that produce superior client value.

In keeping with their tradition of steady growth, The Stewart Companies have expanded beyond their construction industry core, diversifying into the automotive dealership and outdoor advertising markets.

And while generations have passed since Robert Stewart’s first foray into the construction business, the Stewart family continues to build on his legacy: opportunities recognized … assets leveraged … clients satisfied … growth ensured.


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