Rosetta Outcropping Wall

Rosetta Outcropping Wall is a great choice when you have a site retaining wall that must provide appealing aesthetics. This wetcast big block system is colored at the plant (through body pigmentation) to provide beautiful weathered stone textures. It consists of 14 different pieces that are 18″ deep and assembled in predetermined patterns and percentages. The design software provides a color coded wall profile so that the contractor can easily install everything to create the desired wall dimensions. Gravity walls can typically be built to 5′ tall (depending upon soils and loading conditions) and taller walls can be engineered with geogrid reinforcing or stabilized aggregate backfill. The units interlock to create an extremely strong structure, while the consistent dimensions allow very fast installation in the field. The uses and configurations are limitless- from minor grade changes on a residential project to a massive reinforced wall on a commercial job. Keep it in mind for next wall project where your client has a highly visible wall that needs to look really nice.

York Building Products

We know you have many choices when it comes to selecting building products for your project. For more than 75 years our manufacturing focus has been on producing products of the highest quality, and some of our earliest innovations are now standard practice for the industry. We’ll
make it easy for you to understand and choose our products with confidence. And with manufacturing facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic and a network of established dealers east of the Mississippi, we have the production know-how, distribution expertise, and over three quarters of a century of manufacturing knowledge to make your project run smoothly … and look beautiful.